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Wooden Invitations & The Post Office
Hand Stamped Envelopes Will Help Prevent Damage to your Wedding Invitations!

Mailing Instructions:
Make sure to bring your invitations into the post office in person and let them know that you're mailing wedding invitations and would like them to be hand stamped (or "hand cancelled")
instead of being sent through the metal sorting machines, since these machines could damage your invitations. It is extremely rare that we have had any complaints of the wood invitations breaking, but the few times that we have it has been because of these mail stamping/sorting machines.

Most engraved wood invitations, 5x7" size, in an A7 envelope with a paper reply card & reply envelope will cost approximately $1.00 each to mail. This is based on weight & may vary depending on the number of items in your envelope & your particular post office's pricing & policies.  But, on occasion a post office may require the wood invitations to be sent parcel post which costs about $2.00 each.  This is because they say the laser engraved wood invitation can not go through the sorting machines and there is extra handling.  When they just assume it is a special wedding invite, often they do not require the extra parcel post and the mailing fee with the hand stamped cancelling is closer to the $1.00

Not all post offices have the same rules, so you should contact your local post office and get their recommendations for special handling. If they are a busier post office they may request that you bring your invitations in at a certain time of day when things are slower.

It's never a bad idea to take extra precautions by mailing your wooden save-the-dates or invitations out in padded envelopes or boxes just to be extra safe (especially if they are uniquely shaped).