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How long to ship engraving orders?
We make lots of items in varying quantities so it is difficult to give an exact answer. But, most orders ship in 10 to 15 business days. Please send us a email with a date if you must have a product by a specific time for an event. We will in writing commit to a date if you give us your requirement for your event. We usually can meet special deadlines.
Can you help me find art work to personalize items?
Yes! First of all we have a catalog of artwork used for many situations. Sports, western, wildlife, places/towns, Christmas scenes, outdoors, and more. You can also look on a web site called www.clipart.com. We can download any of the thousands of images from that site to engrave on to hundreds of gift items or stamps. We also have in-house graphic design and artists that can re-draw photo into black and white line art suitable for engraving. Your art work generally should not be a problem with us.
Can You Engrave Photographs?
Yes! Engraved photos turn gift items into heirlooms! We have software technology that allows us to scan your color or black and white photos and engrave the picture onto gift boxes, marble coasters, marble plaques, or Alderwood wall portraits. These make great employee or client gifts. They are also fantastic gifts for wedding, anniversary, or graduation events!
Can you make us a stamp for our wedding or scrapbooking?
Yes! Stamp World owned a chain rubber stamp and scrapbook retail stores from 1993 until 2004. We are experts in the crafting market. We can manufacture one custom stamp or 50 of your custom design with a maple craft mount indexed with your personalized art. Give us a call for details - 877-282-9591
Can you personalize items that I have?
Yes! We can personalize almost any product. We prefer working with items that we stock and sell because we have already gone through the "learning curve" and know we can provide excellent results. But because we have so much experience, we are able to do custom work on most of your items. We have personalized NFL footballs, pocket knives and knife blades, baseball bats, coffee cups, wedding glasses, marble coasters, pool cues, and more. Just ask.
What is stampworldonline.com guarantee?
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We want all of our customers to keep coming back. If we make a mistake, we will take the defective product back and replace it with the correct personalized product as quickly as possible. See "Our Guarantee" on the top navigation bar.